Hello there! We are a creative little company looking to revolutionize the way outdoorsman like yourself shop, research and purchase the best of today’s gear.

It all starts with a true passion for the outdoors and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Bottom line is that we love what we do and care about our customers.

Revolutionize You Ask?

Yes!  We set out to create an online storefront that cares more about the customers, the content and the entrepreneurial spirit of others more than any other retailer in our space.  So just what does this mean and how do we do it?

Outdoor Marketplace

We bring together individual business owners from all around and have created a unique place that they come together as a “collective” of merchants.  This gives the whole of vendors (entrepreneurs) the ability and power of a larger corporation, while also creating a place that customers can find unique merchandise, great prices and gain a truly more in depth understanding of products.  Thousands of merchants in today’s world will never get the opportunity to make it into a big box store shelf.  This means that customers like yourself will never get the opportunity to see or use their products either.  This is where we shine!

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer support team is here for you every step of the way.  We set aside time for each team member to get hands on and really learn each and every product so when you have a question, we have an answer.  We take the time to leave expert reviews and create product informational videos.  We stand behind each and every product and vendor while servicing each and every customer as part of our family and culture.

Built With Passion

You can’t replace or substitute passion.  If you surround yourself with good like minded people, good things will happen.  Our passion shows through and it’s obvious we all truly love the outdoors and care more about that than becoming a big box store.  This is evident in our product selections, educational pieces and the attention to detail and reviews that we put into each and every product on the site.

Multi Vendor Cart

Shopping at Coastal Collective allows you to purchase items from different vendors all in the same storefront and in the same shopping cart.  You don’t have to shop 3-4 different stores and checkout multiple times.  We give you the ability to purchase what you need all at the same time and have it all delivered right to your door in one simple checkout process while items may ship from multiple vendors, whether it be a major manufacturer or the next up and coming entrepreneur in the outdoor world.



Everything must have a starting point.  First your must make what it is your developing.  You must take it from concept to reality and something viable, in our case this website and business.  The collaboration of ideas, execution of processes, and finally the actual tangible property that is involved in a development process of any kind.  We started with a dream of bringing a marketplace type storefront specifically to outdoorsman and sportsman alike, while allowing other entrepreneurs the opportunities to function together as a collective whole in one common space.  Coastal Collective was born.


Once you have made whatever it is your making, in our case this online environment for sportsman and entrepreneurs, you must become the very best at it anywhere.  Your product must be better than anything like it.  The user experience must be unique.  The platform must execute well.  This part of the process may be the most consuming and challenging, but it is the difference maker.  Do what you do well and worker harder than anyone else to be the very best you can each and every day.


Once you have successfully completed making a product and mastering the process better than anyone else your still not done.  There is one final key concept in our vision and core values and that is to Matter.  This means you make a difference.  You make a difference in communities, charities, and in day to day lives of others around you.  We strive to matter to our customers, matter to our vendors and entrepreneurs, as well as the communities we live in. As a company and a network of people we will remain active and involved in charity organizations helping others enjoy the great outdoors that we have built our business around.  We will make a difference and Matter for future generations to come.